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tel: 0800 9999 226  or 0800 0933 197 


Woosh electric bikes are 50% cheaper than many German brands of the same quality.

Please note that a PDI "Ready to Go!" fee of £45 inc VAT will be added to the sales price of all Woosh bikes

(Pre Delivery Inspection includes inspection, assembly and charging)

E-Bikes Byocycle City Speed 7.8AH

The Byocycles City Speed 20" Wheel Folding Electric Bike is a practical e-bike with flair. Simple to fold and transport and at an amazing price for a bike of this power and build quality. This compact but fully featured bicycle is great for cycling around town and your local area. It has a small profile when folded so you can pack it into a car or on a train.
Sales price £659.99

Byocycles City Speed 20" Folding Electric Bike

Byocycle City Speed 7.8AH £629.99
Byocycle City Speed 10AH £719.99
Byocycle Cuty Speed 13AH £885.99


The practical e-bike with flair. Simple to fold and transport and at an amazing price for a bike of this power and build quality. This compact but fully featured ebike is great for cycling around town or rural areas. It has a small profile when folded so you can pack it into a car or on a train.

The City Speed is based around an 17 inch folding alloy frame with the fully detachable lithium battery fitted behind the seat post. The 3 point folding frame is light enough to be carried when the need arises. The 7.8Ah battery has a range of approximately 18-25 miles. The 10Ah battery has a range of approximately 28-35 miles whilst the 13Ah battery will take you to approximately 43-50 miles. With a charging time of 4-5 hours from flat you can easily charge at work during the day. 

Controls are dealt with via a LED display panel with three levels of assistance along with a battery strength gauge and a light on/off function. This, in tandem with the 6 speed Shimano gearing, means you can benefit from graduating the power to suit any given gradient of terrain. The brushless 36v - 250 watt motor is mounted within the rear wheel. Within one cadence of the pedals the motor kicks in and will remain so, up to 15.5mph (UK Restricted Law). Just by applying the brakes or by ceasing the pedal power, the motor cuts out, allowing you full control of this nimble folder.

Attention to detail is what is on the cards for the City Speed, everything from the folding levers to the wheel set with double walled rims and stainless steel 14g spokes have been carefully chosen to be strong and long lasting, but also light. This is reflected on the scales as it weighs in at an impressive 20kg (including battery).

Gear componentry is looked after with Shimano, (TZ40 derailer and TX30-6R gear lever) along with a KMC branded chain.

20" Double Walled Alloy Henli rims are fitted with Duro Urban 20 x 1.75 tyres which are stopped with Winzip V-Style brakes.

Fully featured, an industry standard 36v 7.8Ah/10Ah/13Ah range package, practical and at a great price. The Byocycle City Speed is a worthy consideration.

Key Features:

  • Motor: 250W 36V Brushless Rear Hub Motor
  • Frame: 17in Aluminium cross bar
  • Forks: Rigid Steel
  • Gears: 6
  • Brakes: V-style
  • Wheels: 20" x 1.75 Duro Urban
  • Battery: 36V 7.8Ah - 18-25 Miles / 10Ah - 28-35 Miles / 13Ah - 43-50 Miles*

* This will vary depending on weight of user, terrain and mode of pedal assistance used


  • Unfolded - Height 41" Length 58" Depth (Handlebars) 25"
  • Folded - Height 30" Length 33" Depth 17"


  • City Speed Specification Frame - 17" Aluminium cross bar
  • Wheel - 20"
  • Colour - Black
  • Gears - 6 Speed shimano
  • Battery - 7.8Ah 36V / 10Ah 36V / 13Ah 36V
  • Display - LED display with 3 levels of assistance
  • Motor - 250W 36V Brushless Rear Hub Motor
  • Motor Charging Time - 4-5 Hours
  • Range  -  7.8Ah - 18-25 Miles / 10Ah - 28-35 Miles / 13Ah - 43-50 Miles 
  • Working Style - Pedelec (15.5mph) 
  • Frame - 17in Aluminium cross bar
  • Fork - Rigid Steel
  • Mud Guards - JW Short plastic Mudguard
  • Wheel Set - Henli 20” Double Wall, steel spokes
  • Tyre  - Duro Urban 20” x 1.75
  • Handle Bar - ByoCycles 600mm riser bar
  • Stem - Promax Folding stem
  • Brakes  - Winzip V-style Brake
  • Saddle - Hentong Rubber With Suspension Ball
  • Seat Post - XW 27.2 x 300mm Steel
  • Chain  - KMC Z51
  • Gear Lever  - Shimano TX30-6R
  • Derailleur -  Shimano TZ40
  • Chainset  - Lasco 52t x 152mm Aluminium
  • Pedal  - BT Folding, steel/plastic
  • Stand - Qishun Steel Nuts & Bolts - 214 Stainless Steel
  • Motor - Mxus 250W 36V Brushless Geared
  • Motor, Rear  - Wheel
  • Controller - Lishui 36V 15A
  • Battery - Yoku/Samsung 7.8Ah/10Ah/13Ah
  • Charger - Sans AC 100V-240V
  • Display - Kingmeter 790
  • Brake Levers - Wuxing Aluminium inc motor cut out
  • Weight - 20kg
  • User Weight - Up to 15.7 stone (100kg)



Hours of Business:

9.00am - 5.30pm mon - fri

9.00am - 1.00pm sat

Tel: 0800 9999 226

VAT No. 922 1722 53


If you would like to hire our bikes we require a photo ID for example, Photo Driving Licence, Passport or Identity Card along with a £200 refundable deposit subject to all bikes being returned in the same condition.

Hire prices per bike:

Half day (3.5 hours) - £24 + vat

Full day (7 hours) - £42 + vat

One week - £200 + vat

You will need to cover the hire of our equipment by placing our goods on your home insurance against any damage whilst in your care, without acceptation.

New Prices (dumping tax)

The rise is due to a 37.5% anti dumping tax on imported Chinese electric bikes which took effect from 20th July - we had no advance notice.

We are lucky - a lot of companies have been hit with 83%.

Electric Bikes

  • Drive from 14 yrs old 
  • No road tax 
  • No driving Licence - should you lose your driving license, you can ride our electric bikes without a license, that's a fact!
  • No MOT 
  • Insurance not legally required 
  • No petrol 
  • No noise 
  • No pollution
  • Helmet not legally required
  • Can be ridden in bus lanes and on cycle paths

MOT – For Safety of Electric Bikes Only

If it’s that time of year when many of us are retrieving our bikes from the garage or shed, and realising that they’re going to need some attention before being ridden again. Where a long winter of neglect, cold weather and damp conditions has played havoc with the cables, the tyres, chain, battery and charger.

Then it's time to arrange for your electric bike to have a full MOT by us.

We check to see if there are signs of rust & there are curious noises when you turn the crank.

The charge for a full MOT is only £75.00 in many cases including parts and VAT!!!

This can be carried out at our own workshop by our qualified engineers.

Not only will you know if your electric bike is safe to use on the public roads, also if your electric bike is economically worth repairing and if you are better off replacing with a new electric bike, saving you time and money, take a look at our offers on our web site.

About Batteries

A 10A battery should yield around 30 miles with some pedalling or 15 miles if you just use the throttle alone (not advised)

A 15A battery should yield around 45 to 60 miles with some pedalling and around 25 to 30 miles if you just use the throttle alone (not advised)

A 17A battery should yield around 50 to 80 miles with some pedalling and around 30 to 40 miles if you just use the throttle alone (not advised)

All modern Lithium batteries can last 2-3 years and can be recharged up to 800 times

The above figures are highly variable due to the following factors:

  • The terrain you’re cycling on
  • How much you pedal
  • The weight of the rider
  • Battery kept in best condition
  • Managing the power settings


- The more you use your bike, the stronger is the battery.
- Charge it for 15 minutes evey month if you are not riding the bike.

Maintenance of batteries:
In a lithium-ion battery, Lithium ions move from the positive electrode to the negative electrode when charging and vice versa when you ride your bike. In theory such a mechanism should work forever, but in practice, your battery will age with time and repeated charging cycles. To get the best out of your battery, follow the recommendations below

- Use your battery regularly. Ride your bike as often as you can.
- Don't charge up after every short trips, wait for the battery to go down a bit, best time to charge is when the battery is half full.
- Grease the battery contacts and sliding rails if you have a rack battery.
- Avoid extreme temperatures. Your battery will work between 0oC and 60oC but it's best to keep it at room temperature, between 15oC and 25oC.
- Avoid shocks, very bumpy roads and pot holes.
- Avoid humidity.

Your battery contains a lot of electronic components besides the Lithium-ion cells, humidity will oxydize the copper on the circuit board like it would your copper pipes. Keep your battery dry. If you ride in the rain, give your battery a wipe when you come home.
If you cannot ride your bike in the winter months:
a) If your battery has an on/off switch, switch it off in winter months.
b) Every 2 months, switch it on and check the battery level.
If still full, give it 10 minutes top up charge.
If one LED has gone off, give it a 30 minutes top up charge.

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